FOI Ref: FOI-2023-1041

You asked

I would like to request most recent statistics pertaining to self-harm in adolescents.

We said

Thank you for your enquiry.  

Unfortunately, we do not hold information on incidents of self-harm. 

The following health agencies will better placed to answer your enquiry. 

However, we do hold data relating to suicides in England and Wales if this is of interest. The latest available data is Suicides in England and Wales 2021. 2022 data will be published in September 2023 and this publication includes age disaggregation.  

We produce provisional suicide data for England on a quarterly basis, with the latest update including deaths from July 2021 to September 2021. The publication explains that the majority of suicides require an inquest, where a coroner must investigate the cause of death. The amount of time taken to hold an inquest causes a lag between the date the death occurred and the date the death is registered. We refer to this as a registration delay and registration delays for deaths caused by suicide tend to be five to six months on average.  

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