The modern economy provides both the challenge of measuring fast-evolving forms of economic activity, and the opportunity to exploit huge amounts of new data and information to help policymakers, researchers and businesses.

The ONS Data Science Campus has been created to respond to this challenge and will act as a hub for the whole of the UK public and private sectors to gain practical advantage from the increased investment in data science research and capability building.

Launching at the headquarters of the Office for National Statistics in Newport, the Data Science Campus will help cement the UK’s reputation as an international leader in this field.

Our aim

The goal of the Campus will be to build a new generation of tools and technologies to exploit the growth and availability of innovative data sources and to provide rich informed measurement and analyses on the economy, the global environment and wider society.

Under the collective title of ‘People, Planet and Prosperity’, it will deliver five themed research programmes on:

  • Urban future
  • Society
  • Sustainability
  • Evolving economy
  • UK in a global context

The Data Science Campus will build an extensive network with academic partners throughout the UK and beyond, providing funding opportunities for PhD candidates and deliver joint research programmes with national and international partners.

Work with us

The Data Science Campus will be at the forefront of data science in the UK and beyond. We actively welcome Academia, Government and Industry partners who wish to join us as we seek to meet the demands and challenges posed by the evolving economy and push the boundaries of data science research within ONS and beyond.

For further information about the Data Science Campus, potential partnerships or media enquiries, please contact us.

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