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  • Quarterly conceptions to women aged under 18, England and Wales

    Dataset | Released on 23 May 2017

    Provides the quarterly number of conceptions to women aged under 18 for England and Wales by regions and other local authority areas.

    Keywords: maternity, pregnancy, teenage

  • Conception Statistics, England and Wales

    Dataset | Released on 22 March 2017

    Annual statistics on conceptions covering conception counts and rates, by age group including women under 18.

    Keywords: maternity,pregnancy,teenage

  • Childbearing for women born in different years

    Dataset | Released on 17 November 2016

    Analysis of fertility by cohort. Cohort fertility analysis allows the fertility experience of a group of women sharing the same birth year (a 'cohort') to be traced through time and compared with the experience of other cohorts.

    Keywords: hildlessness,cohort fertility,children,parity,child free

  • Cohort Fertility: England and Wales

    Dataset | Released on 5 December 2013

    Presents data on fertility by year of birth of mother rather than the year of birth of child. This package includes average number of live-born children and the proportion of women remaining childless by year of birth.

    Keywords: Cohort Fertility, Childless, Child free, family size, Live births