In this section

  • Population ageing and the lives of older people, including ageing indicators such as estimates of the very old (90+ by age and sex), median age and sex ratios at older ages at national and local levels.

  • Conceptions based on births and abortions data analysed by age and area; and childbearing of women born in different years, average family size and women who remain childless.

  • Deaths broken down by age, sex, area and cause of death sourced from the deaths register.

  • Divorces taking place covering dissolutions and annulments of marriage by previous marital status, sex and age of persons divorcing, children of divorced couples, fact proven at divorce and to whom granted.

  • The composition of families and households, including data on lone parents, married couples and civil partnership families. Household size and household types, including people living alone, multi-family households and households where members are all unrelated are also provided.

  • How long, on average, people can expect to live using estimates of the population and the number of deaths.

  • Live births by age of mother/father, sex, marital status, country of birth, socio-economic status, previous children and area.

  • Marriages formed, civil partnerships formed and dissolved, and estimates of the population by marital status and living arrangements.

  • Stillbirths containing data on cause of death and sex, plus analyses by some of the key risk factors affecting stillbirths, including age of mother and birthweight.