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  • Life Opportunities Survey: Wave Three, Final Report, October 2012 to September 2014 (Latest release)

    Compendium | Released on 10 September 2015

    Statistics on the life opportunities people in Great Britain have and how these vary by social and demographic characteristics.

    Keywords: Impairment, Disability, Barriers, Longitudinal, Participation restriction

  • Disability in England and Wales: 2011 and comparison with 2001 (Latest release)

    Article | Released on 30 January 2013

    Keywords: 2011 Census, quick statistics, household resident, communal establishment resident, usual resident, household composition, dependent children, long-term health problem, lone parent households, employment, ethnic group, ethnicity, race, English language, main language, religion, health, care, long-term health problem, accommodation type, household spaces, qualifications, economic activity, hours worked, employment, industry, occupation, short story