All data related to Response to the Migration Advisory Committee's consultation on international students

  • 2011 Census country of birth by age (England and Wales)

    Dataset | Released on 2 February 2018

    All schoolchildren and students in full-time education aged four or over by country of birth for England and Wales, regions and local authorities.

    Keywords: schoolchildren, country of birth, migration, international, students

  • Student and graduate employment, Annual Population Survey

    Dataset | Released on 2 February 2018

    Summary tables including estimates for UK household population aged 16 to 64 by country of birth, July 2016 to July 2017.

    Keywords: employment, study, migration, international, health

  • Survey of Graduating International Students, UK

    Dataset | Released on 2 February 2018

    Summary tables from a Survey of Graduating International Students to accompany the ONS response to the Migration Advisory Committee call for evidence on international students.

    Keywords: graduates, migration, employment, health, overseas students, UK study