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Andrew Nash
Release date:
21 October 2019
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To be announced

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Open data for UK principal and variant projections. Single year of age and sex with underlying data.

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Important notes and usage information

Since publication, a minor error has been identified in the 2016-based national population projections. This affects international migration outflow assumptions for females in the Northern Ireland EU variants for year ending mid-2017 and year ending mid-2018. This has had a minor impact on the projected population and births figures for Northern Ireland (and the equivalent UK EU projections).

As the differences are negligible we do not plan to correct and republish these data. Users of Northern Ireland and UK EU migration variants should be aware that the international migration assumptions and projected births for years ending mid-2017 and mid-2018, and the projected populations for mid-2017 and mid-2018, should be the same as the principal projection.

Variants affected:

  • Northern Ireland 0% future EU migration variant (ppq)

  • Northern Ireland 50% future EU migration variant (ppr)

  • Northern Ireland 150% future EU migration variant (pps)

  • UK 0% future EU migration variant (ppq)

  • UK 50% future EU migration variant (ppr)

  • UK 150% future EU migration variant (pps)

All 2016-based variant projections classified as National Statistics are unaffected by this error.

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