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  • Measuring National Well-being: Anxiety

    Dataset | Released on 9 May 2017

    Estimates of anxiety in the UK from the Annual Population Survey personal well-being dataset by personal characteristics and geography.
  • Personal well-being and protected characteristics

    Dataset | Released on 9 May 2017

    Estimates of life satisfaction, worthwhile, happiness and anxiety in the UK for the 3 years ending December 2015 for seven protected characteristics.

    Keywords: satisfaction, happiness, anxiety

  • Social capital headline indicators

    Dataset | Released on 5 May 2017

    Current headline indicators for social capital in the UK. It includes the latest data for each indicator with time series and an assessment of change to track change over time.

    Keywords: trust, relationships, well-being, society, community

  • Headline estimates of personal well-being

    Dataset | Released on 21 April 2017

    Estimates of life satisfaction, worthwhile, happiness and anxiety for the years ending March 2012 to December 2016.

    Keywords: average, proportion, life satisfaction, happiness, anxiety

  • Quality information for personal well-being estimates

    Dataset | Released on 21 April 2017

    Confidence intervals and sample sizes for estimates of personal well-being for the years ending March 2012 to December 2016.

    Keywords: error bar, confidence limit, 95% confidence interval, happiness, life satisfaction

  • Young people's well-being measures

    Dataset | Released on 13 April 2017

    Contains all the current domains and measures of national well-being for young people. As well as providing the latest data for each measure, where available a time series of data are also presented along with useful links to data sources and other websites which may be of interest.

    Keywords: relationships, finance, health, employment, education

  • Measuring National Well-being: Domains and Measures

    Dataset | Released on 6 April 2017

    Latest data, times series data and detailed information for the 41 measures of National Well-being. Measures are typically updated twice a year in March and September.

    Keywords: quality of life, indicators, sustainable, environment, economic

  • Measuring National Well-being: International Comparisons

    Dataset | Released on 9 March 2017

    Comparing the UK with OECD countries or the European Union across main areas of well-being. Where available using directly comparable or proxy measure data.
  • Human capital statistics

    Dataset | Released on 18 August 2016

    The total value of human capital in the UK, breakdowns by sex, age and highest qualification, revisions and sensitivity analysis.

    Keywords: Stiglitz, workforce, social progress, education, qualifications

  • Quality information for comparisons over time

    Dataset | Released on 7 July 2016

    Estimates of change for personal well-being between financial years ending 2012 and 2016, and 2015 and 2016. Including p-values for the assessment of statistical significance.

    Keywords: happiness, anxiety, worth, satisfaction, change