James Tucker
Release date:
15 May 2017
Next release:
13 Jun 2017

About this Dataset

Price quote data and item indices that underpin consumer price inflation statistics are now published, giving users unprecedented access to the detailed data that is used in the construction of the UK's inflation figures. With effect from January 2017 Consumer price inflation publication, these data are published on a monthly basis showing the latest month.

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Important notes and usage information

Data are broadly at the geographic level of Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) 1 (for example, South East England, West Midlands, Wales). This level of detail was chosen to ensure that no individual retailer or service provider will be able to be identified and therefore is in line with the assurances given to data providers. For the same reason, a very small number of item indices (six) are also unavailable. With effect from the January 2017 CPI publication, these data will be published on a monthly basis showing the latest month data.

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