25 November 2016

An error in the allocation of trade in exports and imports of services for 2014, as published in Pink Book 2016, has been identified for Mexico, where a proportion of UK trade with Mexico has been wrongly assigned to the category “Other Central American Countries”.  Additionally, an issue in 2015 data has been identified, also in Pink Book 2016, where part of the exports and imports of services for South Korea, Singapore and the category “Other” within Asia were allocated incorrectly. The global totals published elsewhere in the Pink Book and the trade in goods breakdowns are unaffected. The monthly UK trade bulletins are also unaffected as the geographic breakdowns in the monthly bulletins are solely for trade in goods. Corrected data will be made available in a separate article that we will publish in early 2017 and corrected in the Pink Book in October 2017, which is the next opportunity to revise these data consistently through published accounts.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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Craig Taylor
Release date:
28 July 2016
Next release:
October 2017 (provisional)
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