• data sources include death registrations and our mid-year population estimates

  • given National Statistic status in 2011

  • for a particular mid-year (30 June) estimates, published approximately 15 months after the reference date

Population estimates of the very old (including centenarians) provide estimates by sex and single year of age for people aged 90 to 104 and for the 105-and-over age group.

Interest in population estimates at the oldest ages by single year of age has increased as life expectancy has increased and the number of centenarians grows. In recognition of this we began to publish these estimates in 2007.

Estimates are based on death registrations statistics and are constrained to be consistent with the 90 and over totals in the official annual mid-year population estimates. A guide to calculating estimates of the very old is available.

Information on the suitability of the death registration data used in producing these statistics is provided in the quality assurance of deaths data report. Information on the quality of the mid-year population estimates is provided in the mid-year estimates quality and methodology report.

Statistics are produced for the UK and for England and Wales as a whole. Estimates for Scotland and Northern Ireland are produced and published by the National Records of Scotland (NRS) and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) respectively. These feed into our UK estimates.

These data are produced primarily for our internal customers who require them for the production of national life tables and national population projections. However, interest in these statistics has increased and external users of the data include demographers, actuaries, medical researchers and others interested in longevity, population numbers and projected mortality rates.