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Vasita Patel
Release date:
22 May 2017
Next release:
27 June 2017

About this Dataset

Monthly death figures provide counts of the number of deaths registered by area of usual residence for England and Wales.

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Important notes and usage information

Main points from latest release

  • The provisional number of deaths registered in England and Wales in April 2017 was 39,071; this represents a decrease of 9,544 deaths in comparison with the previous month and a decrease of 7,860 deaths in comparison with the same month in 2016.

  • Moveable public holidays and the number of weekends, when register offices are closed, affect the number of registrations made in the published months and in the corresponding months in previous years. April 2017 included Easter and had 5 weekends, whereas in 2016 Easter occurred in March and April only had 4 weekends.


These figures are presented by regions (within England), unitary authorities, counties, districts and London boroughs.

Weekly deaths counts cannot be summed to match the counts for monthly deaths as some weeks may span more than 1 month.

For information on data quality, legislation and procedures relating to mortality statistics, please seeĀ ourĀ User Guide to Mortality Statistics.

There is an interactive mapping tool which enables trends in mortality to be analysed at the local level.

For mortality data for other UK countries please see statistics on deaths in Scotland and statistics on deaths in Northern Ireland.