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  • NHS70: Marking 70 years of the National Health Service

    The National Health Service was launched seven decades ago with lofty ambitions to look after people "from the cradle to the grave". What's changed in the last 70 years?

  • Full story: The gender gap in unpaid care provision: is there an impact on health and economic position?

    An analysis of unpaid care throughout England and Wales, and how this varied by age, sex, general health status and economic activity. The provision of unpaid care has increased since 2001 and projections suggest the demand for such care will more than double over the next 30 years. In 2011, females were more likely to be unpaid carers than males. It has also been found that the general health of unpaid carers deteriorated incrementally with increasing levels of unpaid care provided, up to the age of 65.

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