30 May 2019

Data for the financial year ending 2018 are based on person-level analysis, while years previous are based on household-level, and are not directly comparable. Historical tables based on person-level, and household-level separately are published alongside this data

13 March 2020

This page was updated on 5 March 2020 with data for financial year ending 2019 intended for the disposable income release. This has now been corrected and that data can be found at The effects of taxes and benefits on household income, disposable income estimate: 2019.

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Dominic Webber
Release date:
23 June 2020
Next release:
To be announced

About this Dataset

Average annual incomes, taxes and benefits, and household characteristics of retired and non-retired households in the UK. Data for financial years, by quintile and decile groups, country and region and tenure type.

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