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Please email to me a CSV file which shows year, week, cause group and number of registered deaths. Weeks should extend up to the last week such data is held for 2020. Year should extend back over the last 20 years. Although the number of groups to which cause of death is attributed may vary slightly, if it is assumed that there are 80 groups each year, and at the time of responding to this request 20 weeks of data are available in 2020, the file will contain 4 columns (year, week, group, deaths) and 32,000 lines (20 years x 20 weeks x 80 groups).

In your response, please ensure that you:

  • Attribute no death to more than one cause group

  • Althought he number of cause groups may change with year, cater for approximately 80 groups in 2020

We said

Thank you for your request.

The full information you require is available to order as a bespoke output via our ad hoc service.

If you would like to request a bespoke table of all the information , this service falls outside of the Freedom of Information regime. Such services would be subject to legal frameworks, disclosure control, resources and agreement of costs, where appropriate.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further, please contact

We are able to provide some elements of your enquiry.

Deaths registered weekly from 1993 to 2018 by region in England and Wales is available as part of our User Requested data, available under the ONS Open Data Policy. This is the earliest dataset showing deaths registered weekly. This will provide you with weekly deaths by region from 1993 until 2018 but does not provide cause of death.

Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales (provisional) series will provide weekly deaths for 2010 to 2020. Respiratory cause is recorded as part of this series, with COVID19 deaths included in the 2020 series. No other causes of death are registered as part of the weekly series, as this data is still provisional when published.

Further causes of death can be found for historic data as part of our 21st Century Mortality (2000 to present) and 20th Century Mortality (1901 – 2000) which will provide number of deaths by sex, age group and underlying cause.

NOMIS webservice will provide annual deaths by age, sex, location and ICD10 code including leading causes.