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  • Avoidable mortality in England and Wales: 2015 (Latest release)

    Statistical bulletin | Released on 26 April 2017

    Statistics on avoidable mortality in England and Wales for 2015. Data are based on a revised definition of avoidable mortality (introduced in data year 2014) for all persons and a separate indicator of avoidable mortality in children and young people. These definitions were developed following a public consultation in 2015.

    Keywords: deaths amenable to healthcare, preventable conditions, leading causes of death, heart disease, cancer

  • Alcohol-related deaths in the UK: registered in 2015 (Latest release)

    Statistical bulletin | Released on 7 February 2017

    Deaths caused by diseases known to be related to alcohol consumption, such as cirrhosis of the liver.

    Keywords: drinking, mortality, alcoholism, by sex, by age, by region

  • Pregnancy and ethnic factors influencing births and infant mortality: 2013 (Latest release)

    Statistical bulletin | Released on 14 October 2015

    Death rates of pre-term, full-term and post-term babies and various factors that may influence their survival.

    Keywords: premature,pre-term,NN4B,birthweight,ethnicity,gestation